September 2014

HTML, CSS, Javascript (AngularJS)

Experimental AngularJS project to show popular images from Instagram.
All Design and development was made from scratch by me, with the precious help of AngularJS and Masonry.

Visual health screening test registration


Currently under development...

PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Development of an Intranet application that allows MultiOpticas to register screening tests from all over the country, which are done by a mobile health screening unit.
In order to allow screenings to be conducted without the need of continuous Internet access, this application will work in online and offline modes, using LocalStorage and AppCache technologies (from HTML5).

Speech therapist's website

Raquel Reis

May 2014

Wordpress, CSS

This website was created using Wordpress, allowing Raquel to manage her content autonomously.
The Hiero’s theme was customized in order to match Raquel's style.


Personal project

September 2012 to today

PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript

This website helps school professionals (like teacher, therapists and others) to find jobs in public schools.
The official website that provides job offers is very difficult to use, causing professionals to spend a big amount of time seeking through offers.
With H-escolas, job search becomes user friendly.

Quantum WUI

PT Inovação

September 2010 to September 2013

Inkscape, HTML, CSS, Javascript

As an usability team leader, I had the interfaces’ responsability of various web applications in telco area.
O2CS and APM (with a total of 5 Intranet applications developed from scratch) were the more relevant projects in which I’ve worked as a team leader. For all of the Intranet applications, my usability team developed WUI HTML templates and Javascript complex components.

Cube Navigator 4.0

PT Inovação

January 2009 to September 2010

Java, GWT, Apache Cocoon, Spring Framework, CSS, Linux

As a member of BI Frontend team, I have worked in a complex BI telco reporting application (Cube Navigator), which was completely re-implemented in Java, using GWT framework.
The team did all work from analysis to deployment, using the graphical design created by bürokratic.

ICS Reporting

PT Inovação

November 2007 to January 2009

Java, Pentaho Reporting, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PLSQL, Linux

As a member of BI Frontend team, I have worked in ICS Reporting, a telco reporting application, created using Pentaho Reporting.
This was my first big job in this team, being responsible by the design of some user interfaces and by the development of a big part of the application.
I was also scheduled for the deployment at Mascom Wireless, during 3 weeks, at Botswana.

Music band official website

Repórter Estrábico

December 2006 to December 2007

PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, ActionScript

This website was done for a Portuguese music band, on a volunteer basis.
The design and features were defined by one of the band members (Anselmo Canha), but all development and deployment was made by me.
Without using any CMS, the development was made from scratch, including text (news and forum), images and albums (all MP3) management. Plus, with a Flash player that was also developed from scratch, all discography became freely available to all visitors.
The whole project was a huge challenge and the result was really interesting.

Unfortunately the website ( has recently become unavailable.

Tourist support system

ISEP's degree final project

March to July 2007

PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Google Maps

As a final degree project, I have done a study on recommendation systems, which resulted on a working prototype recommendation system: a tourist support system.
It allows a tourist on the ground to receive recommendations based on his demographic profile, his usage history and similar users’ history.

Terfala ~ Speech Therapy Forum

Personal project

2006 to today


The speech therapy forum was developed with the purpose of bringing together former speech therapy students from the Aveiro’s University. Unexpectedly, it reached a national scale, becoming the online largest community of portuguese speech therapy.
Forum users can share professional experiences and working materials, as well as job offers, lecture events, and others.

Booking system

ISEP bachelor final internship in Horizontes da Terra

March 2005 to September 2005


In the bachelor internship context, I developed a website for a recently created tourist company: Horizontes da Terra.
The website allowed routes, calendar, tourist booking and vouchers management. It required an intensive analysis and development work.
In this project there was an instensive analysis and development work.